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Joint account vs individual account?

It is possible for the guardians to have a joint account with the same login details for the Home Access service. If you choose to have it jointly, all guardians log into the same account, which means that they cannot create their own bookshelves and profiles, but share everything with remaining users.

If, on the other hand, you choose to create individual accounts - i.e. one account per guardian - then everyone has their own login details. The guardian can create their own bookshelves, save their favorite books and create their own profiles in the app.

What is required to create individual Home Access accounts is:
- Guardian's first and last name
- Guardian's email address
- A username (it can preferably be the guardian's e-mail address)

You are welcome to contact us to get a template where the information is filled in. Then you email the template to us at and we will upload the accounts.

An email goes out to everyone with login information such as username and a password link.

Creating a joint Home Access account requires:
- An email address
- A username (for example the name of the nurserie.
- A selected password of at least eight characters