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Training Opportunities

Gather your colleagues or educate yourself to get the most out of our services

With the help of different types of training, we want to make sure that you get the maximum benefit from our services. The training is included as part of all our customer’s subscription to our services, so whether you are a new customer looking to understand the new service you have signed up for, or you are current customer looking to deepen your knowledge and understanding of our services, this training is for you!

ILT training consists of: ILT Digital, ILT On-site, ILT Workshops, ILT Webinars, ILT On-demand, ILT Principal Package and ILT Train the Trainer. Read more about each of these below.

Is there another type of training that suits you better? Get in touch with us!

About our Training Opportunities

The training can be aimed at different target groups and competence levels within your organisation. We are aware of important details such as login integrations and account management. Choose one or more of the options below.

  • ILT Digital: We run a live training session online, via Zoom, Meet or Teams. Typically this runs for 60 minutes but it can be shorter or longer according to your wishes.

  • ILT On-site: We come out to your nursery or school and hold a training session. Typically this runs for 60 minutes but it can be shorter or longer according to your wishes.

  • ILT Workshops: We come out to your nursery or school and run a hands-on workshop where staff at the setting use their own devices to access the service, and our ILT staff provide support and guidance.

  • ILT Webinars: We hold webinars on a regular basis. These are suitable for those who want to receive updates about updates and new functions available in the services.

  • ILT On-demand: Webinar-on-demand are recorded webinars that suit those who wish to learn more about the services on their own, regardless of time or place.

  • ILT Principal Package: The Principal Package is a concept where you, as the pedagogical leader / manager / headteacher, lead your staff through an introduction to what our services can offer.

  • ILT Train the Trainer: We train one person or several people within your organisation to ensure they are sufficiently equipped with a high level of knowledge about our services which they can then share internally. We train and support the people in charge of internal training so that they can train their colleagues in our services.

Please note that we have a no-show fee if you do not attend one of our training opportunities without notifying us in advance.

Sign up for one of our Training Opportunities!

If you are interested in signing up for one of our training opportunities, email us via detailing which opportunity you are interested in, and we’ll be in touch with further details.