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Can I share books and bookshelves in Polylino?
How do I log in to Polylino via the web?
I have detected an error, what do I do?
I see a white screen when sharing book or bookshelf from iOS app? (teacher accounts)
How do I log in?
How do I create a profile?
What are bookshelves?
How do I log out of the service?
What are language shelves?
What are categories?
How do I search in Polylino?
What is child mode?
How do I enable child mode?
How do I disable child mode?
How do I create my own bookshelf?
How do I add a book to my own bookshelf?
Is it possible to use Polylino on Chromebook?
How do I get Polylino to work on a SMART Board?
Can I add Polylino to the MDM system?
I am sent back to the login page all the time when I log in, why?
Can I change the language in the interface?
Can I download books?
Does the app work offline?
How can I find my own bookshelves?
How do I filter books for specific ages?
How do I filter books in specific languages?
On how many tablets can I log into Polylino with my user account?
What happens after the end of the 30-day trial period? Does my access automatically turn into a subscription?
Do I have to provide my real name to create an account?
Can you try Polylino for free?
Which books are available on Polylino?
Is there a minimum term at Polylino?
Does Polylino have a notice period?
How do I install the Polylino app on my device?
How can we cancel our license?
Do I need an internet connection to use Polylino?
Can private individuals use Polylino?
How to reset the password?
How many languages ​​does Polylino have?
Are all books available in all languages?
How does the payment work?
Does Polylino offer training?
I haven't received the email that allows me to set my password. What now?
The password generation link in the email does not work. What now?
I downloaded the app to my iPad, but I don't see a keyboard on the login screen so I can enter my credentials. What now?
The app does not load. What now?
I get an error message when opening a book. What now?

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